Workers' comp and retirement


Q. My father was recently told he can no longer work. He is 62. The damage and arthritis in his hands is getting worse and he needs to file for workers’ compensation. The doctor also recommended early retirement. Can he file both? Should he do one or the other first to maximize his benefits since this was not anticipated?

A. He should file for both. If approved for both, he’ll need to compare the benefits. In most cases, workers’ compensation benefits are better than those for disability retirement. If that’s the case, he can go on workers’ comp and suspend his disability retirement. That way, he can reactivate that benefit if he ever loses coverage under workers’ comp.


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  1. Worked fOr FBOP, been on workers comp for 20 years, I turn 62 this year. Will Comp benefits continue until i reach full SS retirement age, 65, or will benefits change at all or stay the same

    • Assuming that you haven’t recovered from your disabling condition, you can continue on workers compensation. Before you decide to convert to a regular annuity, you’ll have to find out which option is financially better.

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