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Q. I am considering accepting an excepted service position. I am 55 years old and have no prior civil service. However, I do have 17 years of active duty service with the military and am retired from the Naval Reserve. I will begin collecting my pension for my Naval Reserve service at age 60. In reading about retirement under FERS, it seems to me that I could retire at age 65 under FERS using the MRA + 10 provision. Is it also correct that I could pay a deposit for my 17 years of active military service, subsequently receiving FERS credit for 27 years of service (17 years military active duty + 10 years service as a federal civilian employee), while still receiving my pension from the Navy Reserve?

A. Yes, you can make a deposit to the FERS retirement system and get credit for it in determining your years of service and have it used in the computation of your annuity when you retire. To be eligible to retire, you would have to have five years of actual FERS service. After that, you would only have to meet one of the age and service combinations to retire. In your case, that would be 60 with 20.


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