OWCP and FERS disability retirement


Q. I was approved for FERS disability retirement but remained on Worker’s Comp. and yet to take the FERS disability retirement. I had 18 1/2 years at air traffic control. When I reach age 62 and the FERS is recalculated, is the time on OWCP counted for that calculation?

A. You’ll find your answer at http://www.opm.gov/retirement-services/publications-forms/csrsfers-handbook/c102.pdf. Just scroll to Section 102A2.1-2.


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  1. Ronald E. Smith on

    If a Dr. says i,m well can i get my job back as an air traffic controller even though i,m 85 yrs. old but can pass the physical?. I was out due to anxiety nurious?

    • Under current rules, the mandatory retirement age of air traffic controllers is 56. The likelihood that your former agency would rehire you at age 85 is zero.

      • Ronald E. Smith on

        how long does it take to get from owcp to fers , about, if OWCP CUTS YOU OFF,PAPER WORK? THANKS FOR YOUR HELP RON

  2. Margaret A Dages on

    I was on federal work comp and disability ssa and at 66 I went on full retirement ssa. Does this mean my work comp is got an off set from FERS?

  3. Joseph E Bartz on

    I have noticed on my Form 1099 from SSA that I am being shown as receiving OWCP benefits. But the fact of the matter is that I was denied OWCP benefits. So, what would that mean to SSA and OPM? How does OPM view that OWCP offset? What does this mean?

      • Thank you. I’ve called to inquire but my file was “pulled”, the person on the phone was not able to respond. I’m also turning 62 in 2 weeks and think the pulling of my file is due to the conversion from FERS disability to the regular retirement.

          • Good day and thank you for your time. What I want to know is this; does the combination of SSD and OWCP benefits determine the OPM disability benefit amount? Would the OPM disability benefit change if I only received SSD? Moreover does the OWCP benefit have any bearing on the amount of OPM benefit amount?

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