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Q. I worked 22 years for the federal government, and five of those years were as a CBP officer with 6C coverage. I retired at age 62. My high-3 salary used to calculate my annuity was $88,115, which means that 17 years should be calculated using 1.1 percent and the other five using 1.7 percent. I have been calculating my numbers but they don’t match up with the $1,892 annuity I receive monthly. I wrote a letter to OPM asking for the formula they used, but I have not received an answer. According to my numbers, I should receive about $400 more each month. What can I do to receive a copy of the calculation used for my pension?
A. You are mistaken. You would have only been entitled to the 1.7 percent multiplier if you had completed 20 years of service as a law enforcement officer. Since you didn’t, when you retired at age 62, all your years of service were computed using the 1.1 percent multiplier.


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  1. Hi Reg,

    This answer helps a lot. Can you clarify a similar situation, with a twist? I initially had 9 years of federal service (Feb 2007 – Dec 2016) under the standard FERS retirement (1.1%?) THEN I converted to 6C coverage as a Federal Agent. I will have exactly 20 years (or possibly shy one month) of 6C coverage when I turn 57 and am force retired. How can I expect to calculate my retirement? Will the 20 years be calculated at 1.7% and the initial 9 years at 1.1? Thanks in advance!

    • Your agency will allow you to continue your employment until you reach 20 years of covered service. At that point you will be separated for retirement.

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