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Q. I started at the Transportation Security Administration in May 2018 with a temporary appointment. No retirement deductions were taken from my pay. I was made a permanent employee in October of that year. Can I buy back the temporary time and have it used in the computation of my FERS annuity? A. Unfortunately, no. Nondeduction service performed on or after Jan. 1, 1989, isn’t creditable for either retirement eligibility or computation purposes. Therefore, you can’t make a deposit to get credit for that time.

Q. I have 10 years with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and I paid my military deposit (14 years, nine months and 18 days), so my total time is 24 years and nine months. I’m leaving to return to school full time. If I come back after three to five years, I’ve been told I would be starting over, i.e., all that time is gone because of the break in service. Is that true?

Q. I am somewhat confused as to what the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) Offset actually is. I am quite sure they have been taking Social Security out of my checks for the extent of my government employment, but it was my understanding that CSRS Offset retirees were still able to draw Social Security with their retirement checks. Here’s some of my history, for context: I started working for the VA in March 1981. I have had no break in my service and chose not to switch to FERS when it was offered to me. I have completed nearly 35 years of service. I…

Q. I’m in the FERS program. Do you know how many years of service are required in order to be vested? If I leave government service after almost eight years, will I be vested in my TSP and annuity? Will I receive a pension? A. You’ll be vested in the retirement system when you have five years of full-time service. If you leave your contributions in the retirement fund and leave government, you’ll be entitled to a deferred annuity at age 62.

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