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Q. I am under FERS for retirement and would like to know how far in advance of my proposed MRA+10 retirement date I can submit my retirement paperwork. I have heard three months, four months and up to a year in advance.

A. For anyone whose career was at one agency and is short, like yours, you submit your paperwork early enough to allow your supervisor enough time to adjust the workload (or prepare to hire a replacement) and your personnel office enough time to review your case and get it in shape to send to OPM. While three months sounds good to me, you need to check with your personnel office to see what their processing time is.


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  1. Cheryl Olsen on

    I will retire 27May2016. I will be 57 with 30 years as a FERS employee. Will it hurt me to take the supplement? I have been hearing rumors that if you accept the supplement that your SS will be less b/c you chose to take the supplement? Is this true?

    • Whoever told you that was an ignoramus or a liar. Receiving the special retirement supplement would have no affect on your Social Security benefit.

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