Retirement eligibility


Q. I’m a FERS employee. Can I retire at age 53 with 25 years of service?

A. No you can’t, unless your agency offers you that opportunity because it is undergoing substantial restructuring, reshaping, downsizing, a transfer of function, or reorganization. If they aren’t, you can always resign and apply for an unreduced annuity when you reach age 60. Or you could retire under the MRA+10 provision when you reach your minimum retirement age, which would be 56 and 4 months. However, in that case your annuity would be reduced by 5 percent per year (5/12ths of 1 percent per month) that you are under age 60.


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  1. Medicare part A qualification if your spouse turns 65 before you but your spouse doesn’t qualify for Medicare because they are a homemaker but I have paid into Medicare for more than 30 years but I have not reached the age of 65 is their a way for my spouse to clam my Medicare befits.

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