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Q. I began working for OPM as a background investigator on Aug. 23, 1992. I was terminated involuntarily through a Reduction in Force on May 3, 1994. I was hired with the Department of Justice on June 26, 1994. My previous Service Computation Date (Leave) was dated Aug. 23, 1992, on my SF-50B. My Leave on my SF-50B was dated Oct. 15, 1992, after I began work for DOJ, which apparently reflects the days without government employment. On a recent personal account statement, my retirement date reads June 26, 1994, which is the date that I began working at DOJ. It appears that I am not getting credit for the time at OPM in my overall computation for FERS retirement. My math has me at 23 years of service on Oct. 15, 2015, while my personal benefits statement has me at 21.16 years on when I turn 62 on Sept. 9, 2015. Shouldn’t my SCD (Retirement) be Oct. 15, 1992? I did receive some severance money. Am I going to be able to count my time at OPM?

A. Yes, unless you received a refund of your retirement contributions when you were released under the Reduction in Force, your prior period of service at OPM counts in determining your total years of employment. If you did receive a refund, you can redeposit that amount, plus accrued interest, and get credit for that time.


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