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Q. My spouse gets a FERS pension of $3000 per month in FERS pension, but only $100 in Social Security. I get $1000 per month in Social Security. If he passes way, I understand that I would get half of his pension, but how much of my social security would I get?

A. Assuming that your husband elected a full survivor benefit for you, you would receive half of his FERS annuity. Receiving that benefit would have no affect on your own earned Social Security benefit. To find out how much of his Social Security benefit you’d be entitled to, go to


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  1. A $3000 a month FERS pension is a lot for that system. And only $100 a month in Social Security, if he were actually FERS, is hard to believe, as FERS also pays full SS and collects it with no offsets. It sounds to me like the person actually has a CSRS pension, not FERS. That would make the $3000 a month pension and next to no SS more likely, since CSRS people don’t pay SS. What SS a CSRS person might have earned due to outside employment is affected by the WEP, which reduces SS greatly.


    I would like to know since a republican
    president passed the law that CSRS retiree’s
    Cannot draw there SS, can a demarcated or
    Another president overturn that law so retiree’s & ex-spouse’s can draw all there
    SS & not be penalized. These people paid into
    SS For their retirement & now because some
    Republicans president has decided to steal
    It away from them. It doesn’t matter if they
    Get a little pension such as $2000 a month for
    Working a Postal job for 31+ yrs. They deserve
    All of there or the ones who would get their
    Ex-spouse’s SS are entitled to it. Thank you

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