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Q. I didn’t do my buyback for my military time of five years from 1975 to 1980. I don’t have enough quarters for a Social Security benefit, and I have a CSRS retirement of 35 years from the USPS. Do I still have to buy back my military time to receive that time served for military in relation to CSRS retirement alone?

A. You won’t have to make a deposit to get credit for your active duty service unless you are (or expect to be) eligible for a Social Security benefit at age 62.


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  1. If you started after October 1,1982 you need to make the deposit, I started october 2,1982 and had to make deposit for my 4 yrs. of navy time.

  2. I was told or sent a letter that. I could buy my 3 years of service back i am retirrd. On August1 2017 i was told my 3 years are counted and that i didn’t have to buy back my 3 years i am csrs but after a certain time you had no choice my 3 years is added to my other 36 years. I need help why i was told i don’t have to buy my 3 years

    • Who told or sent you the letter? What did those 3 years represent? For example, were they when you performed active duty service in the armed forces? Regardless, during which years did they occur?

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