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Q. I retired in 2004 after 21 years of federal employment on disability. Now that I’m 63 years old, I’m being told I am considered eligible for regular retirement. Has my age and time of service been used to calculate a different pay schedule?

A. Because you were a FERS employee, at age 62 your disability annuity was converted to a regular annuity. That annuity was computed as if you had worked to age 62. Thus, your actual service was added to the time you spent on the disability roll. Because you had at least 20 years of actual service, the total time was multiplied by 0.011. That product was multiplied by your high-3 on the date you went on disability, increased by all FERS cost-of-living adjustments payable from that time to age 62.


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  1. I worked for the Dept of Veterans Affairs for 20 years under Fers and retired on disability at the end of 2008. Are there special reconsiderations in place for rehire since my health has improved and I desire to regain federal employment?

  2. I was told by a OWCP disability lawyer that OPM will NOT change my disability retirement unless I close my OWCP disability claim and then apply for OPM regular retirement. Is this correct? I am 62 and 3 months. How do I change from owcp disability to OPM FERS regular retirement, I live overseas. Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi, Do you know if OWCP pays for a medical translation for those FERS disability retirees that live outside the USA? If the medical translation has to be notarized?

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