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Q. I’m planning to retire in October 2019. I will be 58 years old with 30 years of FERS (including 11 years as a law enforcement officer), and eight and a half years of military service (I bought back my time). Will I incur penalties for retiring before 60? Am I eligible for the OPM supplemental Social Security benefit?

A. Because you have reached your minimum retirement age and have at least 30 years of service, you can retire on a penalty-free annuity whenever you want to. While you’ll also be entitled to the special retirement supplement, it will be based solely on your actual FERS service. The active duty for which you made a deposit won’t be included in that computation.


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  1. Hi, I was just reading about the other comment that you made about the individual retiring in October being of age and having fers service and military service and wanting to retire early I have a couple questions in regards to that because we’ve already bought back our on military leave why wouldn’t that count towards that specific retirement. And I’m also in the process of buying back some time that I actually accumulated during being a casual and as a working for the Department of Defense several months that I work for them so I’m kind of curious to what my situation would be should I decide to do the same thing as the above individual was doing because I have brought back my time and I have over over 30 years now

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