Qualifying for a supplemental annuity


Q. If I retire with 36 years at age 59,as a GS-9, and later apply for another federal job, would that affect the retirement pay that I would already be getting? Would it be like getting another job and another retirement?

A. With rare exception, if you retired and later went back to work for the federal government, the salary of you new position would be reduced by the amount of your annuity. However, if you worked for at least one year, you’d be entitled to a supplemental annuity. And if you worked for at least five years, you’d be entitled to a redetermined annuity, which would be based on all your years of service.

On the other hand, if you were hired into one of those rare positions that allowed you to receive both your annuity and the salary of that position, when you left you wouldn’t get any retirement credit for that period of service.


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  1. Hi I have 35yrs with the USPS.I want to retire in 2018.I am receiving a disability from Uncle Sam. I also retire from the Reserves with 25 yrs. Will any of this affect my income @ the end of the day. I can start receiving my reserve pay when turn 60 in in 2019. Need I.sight

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