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Q. I have a friend who retired from civil service in 2012, who was 66 and passed away unexpectedly. I am trying to find out who his wife can contact to receive his insurance policy. I ,too, am a retiree and am not aware of who my wife should contact in the case of my death.

A. Your friend will have to call the Office of Personnel Management at 1-888-767-6738 and report his death. OPM can help her get the proceeds from the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program and determine if she is also entitled to health insurance coverage and a survivor annuity.


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  1. Georgiana Dirsa on

    Hi I am a retiree who has had my husband on my insurance. He passed away on 10/11/16. Who do I contact for changing my ins. to self only. Blue cross blue shield 112. Thank you

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