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Q. My wife was a FERS employee who retired under the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority due to a reduction in force. She had 25 years of service and was age 50. Will she receive the special retirement supplement at age 56 or her minimum retirement age?

A. She’ll be entitled to the SRS when she reaches her MRA.


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    • The special retirement supplement approximates the amount of Social Security benefit an employee earned while a FERS employee. It bridges the gap between when that employee retires and age 62, when he or she is first eligible for a Social Security benefit.

  1. I am retired from the military. If I elect to have my 20 years of military service to go towards my civil service will I lose my military retired pay when I retire from civil service?

  2. Will the social security supplement be implemented into my checking account when I reach age 56, which will be in November, or do I have to apply for it. I took a VER from the Postal Service 4 years ago

    • You don’t need to apply for the SRS. While it may not appear in the first check following your turning age 56, it will eventually be added retroactively.

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