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Minimum retirement age


Q. My wife will be 50 in three years and will have 30 years of federal service under FERS. Can she retire with no penalty and keep her federal health benefits. A. No, she cannot retire on an immediate annuity. The earliest she could do that would be when she reaches her minimum retirement age, which in her case would be 56 years and 6 months. The only way she could retire earlier than her MRA would be if her agency offered her an opportunity under the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority and she was at least age 50.

DSR and annuity supplement


Q. I received a Discontinued Service Retirement (DSR) from my agency in 2011 at age 53 with over 20 years of federal service (FERS). I receive an unreduced annuity. I have now reached my MRA of age 56. I believe I now should be able to receive the annuity supplement, but the Office of Personnel Management has not yet begun paying it to me. FERS Handbook Chapter 51 indicates to me that I am indeed eligible for the supplement. I noticed that, in your response to a similar question, you stated that the questioner retired under the MRA+10 provisions and…

Minimum retirement age stipulations


Q. I got out of the Coast Guard (honorable discharge if that matters) with 14 years of active-duty service. I worked for the Transportation Security Administration for eight months before settling into a position with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, where I bought my military time back. Can I combine my military time with my federal time to meet my minimum retirement age? 

FERS supplement after MRA


Q. I retired at 52 under FERS as a law enforcement agent after 27 years of federal service. I immediately began my second career working outside federal government.  My monthly annuity includes the FERS supplement. I reached my minimum retirement age of 56 last month, but the supplement is still included in my monthly annuity.  I make more than the “needs tested” amount annually but am still receiving the FERS supplement. Should the FERS Supplement disappear the month following your MRA birth month? Is it removed by OPM automatically, or does OPM continue to pay the supplement? How exactly is…

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