Pending nuptials


Q. I am a civil service U.S. Postal Service retiree who is covered by the FEHB Program. I am getting married soon and want to know if l can get health insurance coverage for my husband.

A. Yes, you can. Under Permissible Change Code 2B, you can do that from 31 days before through 60 days after you get married.


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  1. I am a divorced federal retiree and I have Medicare as my primary health care provider and am also enrolled in a FEHB Medicare Advantage supplemental plan. If I remarry how can I get my new spouse covered by my health plan and what would it cost? She is currently 61 years old.

  2. Harmon Newberry on

    I’m 60 years old with 36 years of service. I got married 4 years ago. I have not added her to my health plan yet. Can I still add her before I retire?

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