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Q. Do I have to resign to retire with MRA +10? Can I get credit for sick leave when I start my benefits at 60 with 27 years service?

A. If you meet the age and service requirements to retire under the MRA+10 provision, you may either apply for an annuity before you resign and accept the five percent-per-year age penalty or apply for it at a later date and reduce or eliminate the age penalty. In either case, you’d receive credit for your unused sick leave in your annuity computation.


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  1. This person can also formally retire at their MRA with 27 years of service but elect on their retirement application to POSTPONE receiving their FERS retirement and benefits until they reach age 60 to avoid the FERS penalty as well as resume their FEHB and FEGLI benefits at age 60 with premiums taken out of their FERS annuity pension (provided they were enrolled in FEHB at a minimum their final 5 years of service!

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