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Q. My unpaid deposits totaled $11,000. I’m having a hard time paying this, as I’m only GS-05. If I retire in September 2018, are they going to deduct all this on my first annuity pay?

A. If you haven’t completed the deposit before your annuity is adjudicated by the Office of Personnel Management, all the money you already paid in will be returned to you and you won’t get any credit for that period of service in your annuity computation.


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  1. My employment was NTE 29 Days Hire but continues appointment for a year. Can I pay deposits with this kind of appointment? Thanks

  2. Good Day, sir,
    I just want to ask you if this “fact sheet” 11/30/02 is still in effect or good.

    Employment before Oct. 1, 1982

    If you worked for the federal government prior to Oct.1,1982, in positions for which deductions for CSRS were not made, the period will count when computing your length of service. However, your annuity will be reduced by one-tenth of the amount that you would have paid into the system plus interest had the service been covered by retirement.

    Thank you, sir.

      • Assuming that you are an employee, you can make that deposit. To begin the process, you’ll have to fill out a Standard Form 2803 (CSRS) or 3108 (FERS) and send it to OPM (the address is on the form). They’ll let you know how much you owe and how to make the deposits.

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