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Q. I was active duty from 1984 to 1992, then employed by the Department of Justice in 1993 until 2016. (I bought back my military active service and had it applied toward my Office of Personnel Management retirement.) In 2001 I joined the National Guard. Currently, my commander wants to place me on Active Guard Reserve orders. Is this authorized? I called OPM and they said yes, but the National Guard needs proof. Can you direct me to the policy?

A. OPM is correct. You are permanently entitled to the annuity you earned. Now you are free to do whatever you want. Accepting another job or being called to active duty would have no affect on your civilian annuity. However, because you were covered by FERS, if your AGR pay exceeds the annual Social Security earnings limit, your special retirement supplement will be reduced or eliminated.


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  1. Extending this example a little further regarding annuitants serving as an Active Guard Reserve service member, what does OPM do to the FERS annuity when one becomes eligible for and applies to receive an Active Duty retirement?

    I am an annuitant under VERA (with military service deposit buy-backs) and am now serving on active duty as an Active Guard Reserve (AGR) service member.

    Thank you for contributing to a very helpful forum.

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