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Q. I am receiving 90 percent Department of Veterans Affairs disability pay, plus retired reserve pay, and retiring from FERS after 10 years of civilian service and paying in for a military deposit covering 14 years of active duty (to get credited with a total of 24 years for my civil service retirement pay calculation). Will they deduct anything from either my VA disability payment or my retired reserve pay, because I am buying back the 14 years of active duty?

A. No, they won’t.


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  1. I’m not sure I agree with this answer. If you buy back your military service time to combine it with your federal service, you’ll loose your military retirement pay when you start to receive your FERS retirement.

    • It’s a matter of dollars and cents. If combining your military and civilian service would produce a higher annual income, then you should waive your military retired pay. If it doesn’t, you shouldn’t.

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