Active duty and service deposit refunds


Q. I’m a GS employee and have made a deposit to get credit for 10 years of active duty. Would that deposit be refunded to me if I’m called back to active duty?

A. No, it wouldn’t. That would only happen if you resigned from the government and asked for a refund of all your retirement contributions. However, if you did, you would void all future entitlement to a retirement annuity.


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  1. I already have enough years in service to retire for Civil Service. I do not want to apply my Military Deposit to my retirement. I need to know how to apply for a refund of my Military Deposit prior to retiring.

    • If you want a refund of your deposit, send your request to the following address:
      U.S. OPM
      Retirement Operations Center
      Boyers, PA 16017-0045
      On the envelope write: Attention: Military Deposit Refund

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