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Q: Can you apply for Social Security disability after you have retired under the Federal Employees Retirement System from the Postal Service, or should you have applied for disability under Social Security before your retired? Also, does Social Security request your medical information from your doctors, or do you have to get this information to them yourself?

A: If you are applying for disability retirement under FERS, you have to apply for Social Security disability benefits. If you don’t, the Office of Personnel Management won’t process your application. If you are retiring on a nondisability annuity, you may apply for Social Security disability benefits at any time. The provision of medical documentation is always the responsibility of the individual who is applying for a disability annuity or benefits.


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  2. Many individuals, perhaps most, will not need representation for a social security disability or SSI disability claim when they initially file. I won’t deny that in some cases it may be helpful. However, representation is often very practical AFTER a notice of denial has been received and is a good option if the next route is to file a request for a disability hearing.

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