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Q. I am on CSRS disability from the Postal Service. In June 2010, I turn 60 years of age. Am I obligated to report any earnings I make in 2010 in the private sector for the whole or part of the year? Or will I still be under earnings and medical restrictions as I am now in 2009? I am under the impression that when I turn 60 some things change. Is this true?

A. Up to age 60, the Office of Personnel Management says you are subject to periodic medical re-evaluation to determine if you are still disabled, and to an annual review of your earnings to determine if you are restored to earning capacity. After you reach age 60 those are no longer required.


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  1. You did not answer the question regarding how much should you make after you reach age 60. I am on Disabilty retirement (CSRS) and I have to give OPM information regarding how much I made during the year. I believe that you cannot make more than 80% of salary you had when you went on disability retirement.

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