CSRS Offset and Social Security


Q: I am a Civil Service Retirement System Offset retiree (15 years in offset) and turned 62 in October. I [was]scheduled to receive my first Social Security benefit Dec. 22. I have contacted the Office of Personnel Management on several occasions requesting to know how much my annuity will be offset, but no one seems to know. My annuity still has not changed. Is it normal for OPM to be late in changing (offsetting) annuities of CSRS Offset retirees? How will overpayments of my annuity be handled?

A: Because you aren’t due for your first Social Security benefit check until the end of December, it’s likely that OPM will make the reduction in your January annuity payment. While OPM doesn’t provide estimates of CSRS Offset reductions, you can get a good idea about what it will be by using the online calculator at www.FEDbens.us.


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