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Q. I am a retired Civil Service Retirement System employee with 43 years. I never received any Social Security. My husband of 37 years worked and retired. Now he is receiving Social Security. My pension is more that his. Can I apply for his Social Security benefits now that I am 67? A. You can apply for it; however, that spousal Social Security benefit will be impacted by the Government Pension Offset provision of law. The GPO reduces – and sometimes eliminates – the spousal benefit of anyone who is receiving an annuity from a retirement system where he or…

Q. I worked for the U.S. Air Force CSRS for many years and retired with a disability due to a car accident. I do receive a CSRS pension and a small Social Security pension. My husband worked for USAF active duty and retired after 30 years, and he passed away last month. He was receiving Social Security and an AF retirement check. The Social Security Administration says I will not get any of his Social Security, only my own small pension, because I receive a CSRS pension. Is this right and, if so, why?

Q. My mother retired from the U.S. Postal Service in 1997 or 1998. She came in under CSRS and later FERS; however, I guess she did not pay into Social Security at the time, unknowingly. But she worked for years with the state prior to that and was not given credit for it. She receives the bare minimum from Supplemental Security Income. Is there anything that I can do to help her? She has worked more than 50 years to only receive $250 per month.

Q. I am a retired federal employee with CSRS. I also receive minimum Social Security payments based on my qualified earnings. My husband is a retired federal employee, FERS. In the event he passes before me, will I be able to collect/draw any of his Social Security? A. Probably not because that benefit would be subject to the government pension offset provision. For more information about the GPO go to

Q. I am 66 years old, which is my full retirement age. I worked from 1966 to 1970 for the federal government. I was in CSRS. My credit was three years and 11 months. I stopped working in 1970 to raise a family. I withdrew the money I had paid into CSRS. Between 1970 and 2001, I held a few non-government, small, part-time or intermittent jobs in which I paid into FICA. I returned to work for the Army in December 2001. I was automatically put into FERS, so began paying into FICA and FERS. I have paid back with…

Q. I am a federal employee who will get only CSRS benefits after retirement. I will make sure there are survivor benefits for my wife if I pass away first. My wife has Social Security. Will I get any survivor benefits from Social Security if she passes away before I do? Maybe I will get some benefits after any windfall deduction is made from survivor benefits.

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