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Q: I have been told that an injured firefighter with the federal service can retire using firefighter guidelines since there was prior service. I am working on the same basis as a civil service employee. I was hurt fighting a fire on base in the late 1980s. I had seven years as a fireman before I had to be placed in a different job because my injury would no longer let me be a firefighter. I paid into retirement as a fireman for about seven years and could have retired in about two more years. My injury is beginning to make it tough to go to work everyday. Please let me know if there is any help available in this area.

A: I’m not aware of any provision in law or regulations that would allow you to do that. If you already had met the age and service requirements to retire as a firefighter and then moved to a non-covered position, you would have been able to retire at anytime you chose.


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