Staying in CSRS versus FERS or CSRS offset


Q. I served in the military from June 1974 to April 1981. I was then hired by civil service in April 1983 as a temporary employee. I was picked up as permanent in July 1984, and my service computation date is June 1976.

For whatever reason, when FERS was implemented, I was left in the original CSRS retirement plan and have been paying into CSRS for 29 years and 11 months. I applied for retirement computation last month and was notified by the human resource office that I will have to switch to FERS or CSRS offset to retire. Since I have invested into CRSR my whole career, can I remain in CSRS?

A. If you should have been in CSRS offset or FERS, no provision in law or regulation would allow you to remain a pure CSRS employee.


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  1. Can’t this person apply to remain under CSRS under the provisions of FERCCA? He was placed in the wrong retirement system by his Agency, for more than 5 years. That’s what FERCCA is for. I would go to Agency HR and tell them that. It’s their mistake.

  2. CSRS Offset Retiree on

    You will suffer no loss by being switched to CSRS Offset and will receive at least as much retirement income, if not a bit more, as under pure CSRS. The difference is that your monthly income will come from two sources, OPM and Social Security.

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