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Q. I am retired military receiving a military pension. I am now in a federal government job under FERS. In September 2015, I will have five years of creditable service and will be 61 years old.  My birthday is in November. I believe I am beyond my minimum retirement age. I would like expert confirmation on what I think to be true. If I submit for deferred retirement once I have the five years of service (September 2015), I should receive an annuity beginning on Dec. 1, 2015 (just after my 62nd birthday in November 2015), and my military pension will not be affected. I have not, and will not buy back any active-duty service time to add to creditable service years. Do I have it right?

Using my information above, if I choose to resign this year, after three years of creditable service (three years Thrift Savings Plan vested this month), will I receive a lump-sum payment for unused leave up to 240 hours? If I have more than 240 leave hours, will all of them be paid?  Are credit hours paid the same as unused leave?  Finally, is a resignation letter advisable or necessary, and if so, should it be submitted some time (when?) prior to my last day on the payroll or my last day in the office (I will use about two weeks of accrued comp time, sick leave, etc., that I will lose at the end).

A. Yes.


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