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Q. My son-in-law is in his early 40s and is thinking about resigning after working full time for approximately 13 years. Is he entitled to any benefits such as health insurance, or partial retirement pay? Would the above answer in any way be altered if he continued to work part time?

A. If your son-in-law leaves government and doesn’t ask for a refund of his retirement contributions, he would be eligible for a deferred annuity at age 62.

When he left, he would be entitled to 31 days of free health and life insurance coverage. He would be eligible to continue his health benefits coverage under the temporary continuation of coverage provision for up to 18 months at his own expense. He would also be eligible to convert his life insurance coverage to a private policy, also at his own expense.

When he applied for his deferred annuity, he wouldn’t be eligible to re-enroll in either of those benefit programs.


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