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Q. I am a federal retiree in the CSRS retiree program. I retired after 42 years of government service and am now 67 years of age. I am presently under my husband’s State of Maryland health plan. He is retired also. During open season this year, we would like to change our health insurance plan to the Federal Government Blue Cross/Blue Insurance health plan. Can we do this?

Q. I left federal service in 2006 with 22 years of service and was in FEHB at all times. If I can go back into federal service to regain eligibility for FEHB in retirement, what type of appointment need it be? And is there a minimum time of service before retiring from that reemployment at age 60 or older?

Q. I am 56, but only have six years of government service time. Even though I’ve worked for a U.S. government agency for 31 years, only my time with government service counts toward retirement. Would I be allowed to leave the government before my minimum retirement age and take a deferred annuity at age 62? If this is possible, would I be able to keep my medical coverage?

Q. I’m a 24-year veteran of the Postal Service at the age of 58. Due to a recommended fourth surgery, I am considering resigning from the Postal Service later this year but want to postpone receiving my annuity until I’m 60-years-old (about 17 months from now) so (according to a human resources representative) I can avoid the 5 percent reduction per year as I would have reached the 60/20 retirement plateau. I realize I would not be eligible for the “special supplement,” but my wish is to work in the private sector and delay receiving social security until my mid-60s. My finances are in order to do this. So…

Q. I was a Miltec for the army and I took a postponed retirement in 2008. Up to that point I had medical coverage under the FEHB program for five years. I have reentered Miltec status and have medical coverage, but will retire before I have five years of medical coverage for this period of service. Will I still have medical coverage after retirement or will I lose it because I didn’t have medical coverage for this period of service for 5 consecutive years?

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