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Q. I am 46 with 23 years of service. I want to resign, take another career path, and apply for deferred retirement at 60. I want to make sure I handle the paperwork correctly. Will there be any paperwork when I resign to reflect my intent of filling for deferred retirement 14 years later? A. No, there won’t. All you’ll receive is a Standard Form 50 documenting your resignation.

Q. I’m considering resigning later this year at 54 with 14 years civil service (MRA is 56 years 2 months). I have a 20-year military retirement (retired 2004) and am considering paying the military deposit (estimate $20,000 or so). I also get $660 VA disability (40 percent) that equates to an additional $7,920 per year that wouldn’t be taken from a civilian annuity like it currently is from my military retirement. If I resign at 54 on a deferred retirement with 34 years creditable service (20 military plus 14 civilian) and don’t start taking the annuity until 60 (when it…

Q. I am 37 and have been in the Navy 20 years. I have begun the hiring process with the U.S. Border Patrol. I am an E-8. Should I try and buy back my years in military, which should cost about $8,000? Can I defer receipt of military retirement until I retire from the Border Patrol? I am also curious about the amount of buyback. Is it based on my rate of E-8 or on the total amount I made? Due to my billet and frequent deployments, I made twice what the base pay might be. I spent a lot…

Q. I am 55 years old (born Dec. 29, 2960). I worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs for 26 years, and now I have obtained a degree trying very much to get a different job within the government. If I leave the government and get another job until I am 60, can I get the Social Security supplement until I reach 62? Would I be able to collect two pensions if I do this?

Q. I am hoping to leave service at 59 years old with 25 years of service. I was planning to postpone my annuity start date until I was 60. My understanding is if I postpone and do not defer my annuity, I could resume as if I just left service. I would be entitled to health insurance and my supplement until age 62; if I deferred I would be ineligible for either. I believe the words “postpone” and “defer” are not the same, though are similar in meaning. Do I need to meet my minimum retirement age to qualify for a postponed retirement?

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