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Q. My husband, a federal retiree, has recently been approved for Medicaid and is in a long-term care facility. When I submitted the application on his behalf, I also submitted the information that we had Blue Cross/Blue Shield for our primary insurance. We both opted out of taking Medicare Part B at retirement, and I am covered on his BC/BS plan.

Evidently, when Medicaid was approved, someone decided that he also needed Part B and Part D, too. I was horrified to discover that he had been enrolled in these plans without his knowledge or permission. We have long since met our catastrophic outlay, so our BC/BS is more than adequate. Medicaid is even allowing a deduction for half of the premium.

He does not want or need Part B for many reasons, which I will not list here, but it has been a nightmare trying to get him out of this program. I have called every agency involved, submitted every necessary form, submitted my POA to show that I do have the right to speak for him, spoken to supervisors, faxed documents, called and called again and submitted a multiple point letter. Social Security refuses to disenroll him because they say the state we live in is paying the premiums.

I am drowning in frustration listening to people telling me about all the dire things that will happen if he leaves Part B. I know our insurance situation very well. Part B is detrimental to our situation. He wants out of Part B. What can I do next?

A. To disenroll, you’ll have to submit a form CMS-1763, which must be completed either during a personal interview at a Social Security office or on the phone with a Social Security representative. To arrange for this, call the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 or visit your local office.


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  1. mark spowage on

    I have filed to disenroll from part B many times without any response from social security ?
    They simply ignore my requests.

    • To disenroll, you’re required to complete form CMS-1763 either during a personal interview at a Social Security office or on the phone with a Social Security representative. For an interview, call the Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213, or your local office.

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