Law enforcement retirements and FERCCA


Q. When given the chance to convert from FERS to CSRS Offset due to the Federal Erroneous Retirement Coverage Corrections Act, I jumped at the chance since it is a better retirement. One issue I never got fully resolved was that I assume since I was in a 6(c) law enforcement covered position as a physical security specialist (0080 series) I must have been paying into the retirement at a higher rate to cover the early retirement option of FERS law enforcement. I now have more than 25 years with the USSS and six years of military time, which I have paid for in full.

1. If I can’t retire under the 6(c) category of CSRS, can I get the overpayment back?

2. Can my 6(c) time count on CSRS? If so, could I retire today since I am over 50 and have more than 25 years?

3. Is this a case that could go before the Merit Systems Protection Board?

4. It seems like I should have some form of adjustment made for the increased contribution.

A. 1. No, you can’t get your additional contributions back.

2. If you have 20 years of covered service either under CSRS, FERS or a combination of the two, you can retire at age 50. If you have 25, you can retire at any age. To find out if you have enough service to qualify for a law enforcement officer retirement, check with your personnel office.

3. Any case can be filed with the Merit Systems Protection Board, regardless of its merit.

4. Not under current law.


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