Medicare Part A and Social Security


Q. I am CSRS. I earned my 40 quarters before becoming a fed. I plan to retire May 2 at almost 65 years old. I am not going to apply for Social Security until 66. I will have almost 37 years of combined federal service. When I apply for Medicare Part A at 65, there will be no cost, correct? When I go on Social Security, there will be no cost for Medicare Part A, correct?

A. No, there won’t be any cost for Medicare Part A when you reach age 65. Not only did you pay for that benefit through your pre-federal employment, but you’ve been having FICA deductions taken from your pay since 1984.

Although you didn’t ask, I need to tell you that any Social Security benefit to which you’ll be entitled based on those 40 quarters will be subject to the windfall elimination provision. The WEP will reduce that benefit because you’ll have fewer than 30 years of substantial earnings under Social Security.


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  1. I am a CSRS pensioner. I also receive Social Security. I am going to sign up for Medicare Part B next year. My Social Security Monthly pension ( $112) will not cover the entire Monthly Part B Premium. How will I pay the difference ? Will the difference be automatically deducted from my CSRS Pension ? Thank you.

  2. I am an in the line of duty disabled police officer retired on disability pension after 21 years. The pension falls under windfall elimination provision. I do not have 40 quarters of social security . Am I entitled to medicare part A?????

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