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Q. I am a retiree with 35 years of government service as a CSRS Offset employee. I am entitled to my full Social Security check because I have worked in private industry prior to working with the government and have over 30 years with government employment. So, I am an exception to the Windfall Elimination Provision. OPM has reduced my pension. Why is my pension being reduced?

Q. I had 10 years of federal service in December 1987, and I elected to keep my retirement in CSRS rather than FERS. We moved to where there was no federal agency nearby where I could be employed. In 2006 I was able to get back in a federal job position and I was placed in CSRS Offset when the temporary position became full time. I have now worked 10 more years in CSRS Offset. I have worked in the private sector for 30 years, paying into Social Security.

Q. Can you explain the Windfall Elimination Provision as it pertains to those of us that are CSRS? I have heard many different answers, one of which said they can’t fully offset your Social Security. I have 40 quarters from before I became a civil service employee, and in the early years I worked a part-time job. I am 3½ years away from hitting 40 years now. Will I get any Social Security? Can my husband (who is younger than me) draw against my Social Security until he hits his magic age?

Q. I understand that there is a bill in Congress to eliminate the windfall all together and reinstate the monies that have been deducted monthly. I understand that if it is passed it will only pertain to future monthly annuity and will not cause a retroactive effect back to when we retired. Can you shed any light on the status of this bill?

Q. I retired under CSRS at the age of 62, with 40 years of service (military included) and I paid back my military Social Security. I am currently 65 with 38 minimum quarters of Social Security. Would it benefit me to work two additional quarters to draw Social Security, or would the WEP eliminate any Social Security to which I would be entitled?

Q. I did not buy back my military time. I was in the Army from 1974 to 1977. I retired from USPS under CSRS, and I was given credit for my military time. When I retired, I had 34 credits toward Social Security. At 62, I did not have 40 quarters toward Social Security. I will be 64 this month, and my part-time job has put me over 40 quarters. I was told that the computation from OPM is one time at 62 and since I did not qualify for Social Security my pension will not be reduced. Is that correct and…

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