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Q. I’m a Defense Department employee who was initially hired part time under CSRS in 1979, but elected to switch to FERS. At that time, I’m not sure if I was refunded the money I put into CSRS. I’m showing eight years of frozen service (with no mention of CSRS Offset), Thrift Savings Plan eligibility date of July 11, 1993, TSP service computation date of Jan. 1, 1984, and TSP status date of July 11, 1993.

The first entry I’m seeing in my FERS account is dated Feb. 1, 1988. Am I eligible for a CSRS retirement annuity for the eight years of frozen service, or am I only entitled to a FERS annuity for all of my years of service?

A. You couldn’t have received a refund of your CSRS contributions when you elected to be covered by FERS; therefore, you will have a CSRS component in your annuity when you retire.


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