FERS MRA+10 and heath coverage


Q. If my wife chose to retire now, at her minimum retirement age of 56 with 13 years of FERS service, would she be able to postpone her annuity until age 60?  She currently carries FEHB (self), as long as she has had it the last five years, can I pick her up under my FEHB (self+1 or family) once she retires and then when she becomes 60 she can reinstate her own self-plan at that point?

A: If she retires under the MRA+10 provision, she could postpone the receipt of her annuity to age 60; however, her annuity would be reduced by 5 percent for every year she was under age 62. You could cover her under the Self and Family option of your enrollment during any Open Season. And she could return to Self Only coverage during any Open Season after her annuity begins. Note: Although there may be Self+1 coverage offered in the future, OPM has postponed that option for at least a year.




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