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Q. I retired on FERS disability on Dec. 6, 2010, at age 53 with 21 years of federal service. I had 1,050 hours of sick leave. In May 2014, I returned to federal service in a virtual job that I work from home. OPM has not found me recovered.
1. Because my sick leave was not used in the calculation of my annuity (I retired under 62 years of age), should all my sick leave be restored?
2. The new hiring agency has offset my salary by my annuity and is deducting retirement. Should the agency use the old rate (.8 percent) or the new rate (4.4 percent), since my original hire date was in 1989?
3. What happens when I retire a second time? My agency tells me that I will get two annuity checks if I work less than five years and my retirement will be recalculated if I work more than five years?

A. 1. Yes, because it wasn’t used in the computation of your annuity.
2. The old rate. The new rate applies only to those who are hired and had fewer than five years of actual or potentially creditable service.
3. If you leave with at least one but fewer than five years of re-employed service, you’ll receive a supplemental annuity. If you leave with at least five years of re-employed service, your annuity will be recomputed.


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