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Q. If we suspend Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage in favor of Tricare, can we only re-enroll during Open Season? Would pre-existing conditions be covered? Can BC/BS Federal deny re-enrolling us if we have cancer? Is there a financial penalty if we do decide to re-enroll?

A. Yes, you could re-enroll in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program during any Open Season, and there wouldn’t be any financial penalty for doing that. Further, pre-existing conditions cannot be considered by any FEHB plan, whether you are enrolling or re-enrolling.


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  1. I retired from the Air Force with a 30 percent disability and I was told to look into Tricare, I have BCBS Federal through my husband , I also get Social security disability and I think after 24 months I get Medicare . We pay over 400.00 a month for our insurance , I feel Tricare would be cheaper but I had cancer recently and I am scared to make the change, but if I do is there an open season for Tricare?

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