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Q. How do I suspend my health insurance coverage? I will be eligible for my Air Force Reserve Retirement (100 percent VA health care and later TRICARE), Social Security (Medicare health coverage) and my annuity as a VA Medical Center employee (FEHBP). When I become eligible for TRICARE health coverage, I desire to suspend my civilian coverage and use TRICARE as primary and Medicare as secondary.

Q. Where do I find specific details for the exception to let my surviving spouse continue in FEHB if I do not chose a partial or full survivor annuity? Or is there such an exception? In a 2013 Pre-Retirement Planning class manual dealing with Current Spouse Survivorship, it states surviving spouses who do not receive a survivor annuity cannot continue FEHB. It also states there is an exception for spouses married 30 years or more. I am retired Navy O-5 using both FEHB and Tricare Prime, married 37 years, and trying to decide what to do about health insurance when I…

Q. I have 22 years in federal service under FERS and am 56 years old. I have held Tricare Prime under my retired spouse for over five years and Blue Cross/Blue Shield under my position for four years. If I take early retirement, can I carry my insurance into retirement? Do I meet the conditions to receive the special retirement supplement until I reach age 62? If not, under what conditions could I receive the special retirement supplement that would carry until I reach my Social Security age?

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