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Q. I “bought back” 7 years of active duty service time and completed an additional 15 years of National Guard service. I have retired from the National Guard. When I retire from the federal government with 27 years as a fed plus 7 years active duty, will I be able to receive both the federal retirement (34 years) and the National Guard retirement?

A. Yes, you’ll be entitled to receive both benefits, with no reduction in either.


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  1. The National Guard pays into Social Security so this individual will most assuredly be eligible for Social Security. The Social Security will be reduced (significantly) based on the Windfall Elimination, but will still be a third source of income. Praying they participated in both civilian and military TSP for a fourth income stream!

  2. @Valerie, this individual is undoubtedly FERS, with only 27 years of service. FERS is not subject to the WEP, only CSRS and CSRS-offset are. He will get his full FERS, full SS, full National Guard Retirement, and any TSP he has. No offsets to any of these.

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