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Q. I retired from the Navy Reserve with 39 years (9 active duty) and received a regular retirement check (over 60 years). I have a 60 percent service connected disability and receive VA disability pay. I am in FERS and will soon retire with 20 years service (bought back the 9 AD years). Will I be allowed to keep my military retirement pay, disability pay and FERS retirement pay? Also, will there be any impact to my full Social Security annuity when I turn 66 and 10 months?

A. Yes, you’ll be able to receive reserve retired pay and your FERS annuity. Your Social Security benefit will be based on what you earned, a formula, and the age at which you apply for that benefit. While I have no direct knowledge about how your disability pay will be treated, others in a similar situation have told me that they continued to receive it.


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  1. Carolyn Rawlings on

    Hi Mr. Jones, I am a retired Army veteran and I retired 17 years FERS retirement. Can I receive supplemental social security benefits without affecting my full social security?

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