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Q. If I am sequestered and removed from my position for one day every two weeks, will that affect my mandatory retirement date as a law enforcement officer in the Bureau of Prisons? It would seem to me that if 57 years of age is the issue, then by removal of 26 duty days per year, I should be extended 26 days past my mandatory retirement date. Also, I will be 26 days short of satisfying my year of service, so my anniversary date for service or entrance on duty date becomes flexible and will be moving forward away from…

Q. I will be retiring Aug. 3 with 33 years and 11 months of CSRS employment. I have four months of sick leave plus a few days. My service computation date is Sept. 4, so I know I have to leave additional sick leave days to make a full month. I will be furloughed every Friday the last month I work (four furlough days). Will the remaining sick leave days be needed to replace furlough days in retirement calculations? Or are furlough days considered workdays (without pay) in retirement calculations?

Q. My office is requiring four furlough days in response to sequestration with the option to take all four days at once by August. If I do so, and our budget suddenly changes positively (unexpected retirements, transfers, etc.) prior to those days, would I still be required to take these days solely on being fair to other employees who have already taken their days?

Q. Since the federal government is in sequestration and I am looking at five to seven days of furlough during the summer, I would like to finish my college education, which would be one year of leave without pay from federal service. Is LWOP allowed for this with the federal government, and what type of separation is this referred to as? Can I collect unemployment benefits due to this type of separation? I am a GS-5 with 4½  years of employment with the federal government.