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Service computation date and FERS retirement


Q. I am contemplating retirement with a separation date of Jan. 6, 2014. Under FERS, my creditable service for retirement (on Jan. 6, 2014) will be 29 years and two months (service computation date of Oct. 24 1984). My creditable service for RIF and leave (on Jan. 6, 2014) will be 31 years and seven months (service computation date of June 20, 1982). The estimate I have indicates the MRA+10 provision, reducing my annuity by approximately 35 percent (5 percent each year under 62; I will be 57 in January). From an eligibility standpoint, which would be the correct creditable…

Reduction in force and retirement


Q. I will be 58 next year, when we are supposed to be RIF with the Postal Service if we have not found another EAS position. At that time I will have 24½ years in and be 58. I understand I will be eligible for DSR. How is the amount calculated? Is it the same as the FERS amount, is it permanent and can I still receive the FERS supplement? Can I receive DSR and FERS, or just the DSR or FERS? I don’t want to retire but am trying to see how I will be financially if I am…

FERS, special retirement supplement and reduction in force


Q. I have 29 years of federal service and am 50 and under FERS. If I am involuntarily separated by a reduction in force at age 50, do I get the FERS Social Security bridge along with my Discontinued Service Retirement, or do I have to wait until I turn 56 to collect the bridge portion of my retirement? Does this start automatically with the DSR, or do I have to apply for the bridge with SSA when I am 56?

VERA/VSIP and retirement benefits


Q. I am a Defense Department civilian and have met my minimum retirement age. I will not be eligible for full retirement under FERS until September 2015. By then, I will be 60 and will have 30 years of service. If I accepted a VERA/VSIP (I am on the offer list), would I get hit with an annuity reduction if the offer is not the result of a reduction in force? If I could take the offer without a reduction, would I also receive the special retirement supplement?

RIF, VERA, penalty and SRS


Q. I was born in 1966 and my organization may undergo a reduction in force. I anticipate that I will have the 50 years of age and 20 years of service by the time they may offer the Voluntary Early Retirement Authority/Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay. Please let me know if the minimum retirement age counts during a RIF if I am a FERS employee because my MRA is 56½, of which I will only be 50 years of age, so I need to know if I will be penalized 5 percent each year under MRA. Hoping that the 50/20 rule…

RIF and leave


Q. If I am subject to a reduction in force with just under 25 years of service (say, with 24 years and nine months), can I use sick or annual leave to make up the difference? If not, is there any recourse to take a retirement in lieu of a RIF when you are so close to the 25-year threshold? I am 46 years old. A. While you may only use sick leave for purposes spelled out in law and regulation, your agency can allow you to use your annual leave to continue past the date on which you’d be…

Retirement options


Q. I am so totally lost in all of this early retirement and buyouts and furloughs. I have 33 years of service with the government and am 55 years old under CSRS. Not sure which to apply for or wait until our office gives us reduction-in-force notices if our office is going to reorganize, restructure. Would I be eligible for early buyout with full benefits come May? A. You really are lost! However, everything should be clearer when I tell you that you can retire anytime you want to. That’s because you have the age (55) and service (at least…

RIF and special retirement supplement


Q. I am a FERS employee, age 59, and have over 28 years in the Postal Service. Our facility is going through an accelerated transfer of function to a facility more than 100 miles away. If they cannot offer me a position in my same craft and I am given a notice to separate voluntarily or involuntarily, can I retire and receive an unreduced annuity and the special retirement supplement until age 62? If I retire, should I elect a discontinued service retirement or optional retirement since this is an organizational change involving reduction in force, transfer of function. Could…

Re-employed federal retiree wants to cancel retirement


Q. I took a voluntary early retirement (at age 52 with 20 years of service) about five years ago and have since been re-employed with federal civil service full time. My salary is reduced by my retirement annuity, and I understand I need to work five more years to receive a recomputed retirement. Can I cancel my existing federal retirement and just receive my full salary? This may give me the more secure status of being a regular employee rather than a re-employed annuitant. A re-employed annuitant appears to be more vulnerable to reductions in force. Also, my next five…

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