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Tax forms for retiree


Q. I have not received a 1099 for a federal retirement yet for 2012. What number or website can I contact to receive a duplicate copy? A. Call the Office of Personnel Management at 888-767-6738 or 724-794-2005 and talk to one of its benefits specialists.



Q. My agency committed an error by moving me from CSRS to FERS. After 18 months and senatorial support, it was finally resolved; the agency satisfied the debt; and I retired Dec. 29. I have since received W2-Cs for past three years. I am looking at a decrease of approximately $17,000 in Social Security taxes withheld for those three years. Those monies were pulled back and put into my CSRS account. If the Internal Revenue Service determines that there is now a tax liability after filing my amended returns, can I make an appeal to the Office of Personnel Management…

Change of address


Q. I am a civil service retiree under CSRS. I have moved. How do I notify civil service/Office of Personnel Management of my change of address. I am concerned I will not receive my W-2 in January if I do not change my address. A. To notify OPM of a change of address, call OPM’s Retirement Information Office at (888) 767-6738 or (724) 794-2005.

High-3 and law enforcement


Q. I will be retiring next week from federal law enforcement. I live and work in the San Francisco area. I was initially provided with a calculation based on an average high-3 salary of $145,250 and was told I would receive a net of $6,050 per month. However, when I visited Employee Express this morning, I saw that the agency is now listing my high-3 average as $116,000 and my expected net monthly annuity payment would be around $5,000. I pulled my W-2s for the past three years and confirmed that my top average 3-year salary is $145,250. I’m awaiting…

Former employer's W-2


Q. I worked for years for the Federal Aviation Administration, part of the Department of Transportation. My pay was handled by Employee Express, which sent me my leave and earnings statement and W-2s. In mid-June 2010, I left the FAA and went to work for the Missile Defense Agency, part of the Defense Department. My pay is now handled by Defense Finance and Accounting Services, which gives me my LES and W-2s. But the W-2 from DFAS covers only the second half of 2010. Where can I get the W-2 for my time at the FAA? I can’t get into Employee…

Social Security confusion


Q. I am receiving Social Security benefits. I am still a federal employee under FERS and having Social Security deducted from my pay. I get a statement from the Social Security Administration for the amount I received for taxes, but it does not acknowledge the amount deducted from my salary as being against the amount received. I called them, and they don’t know if it could be deducted or not. The IRS doesn’t seem to know either. Do you know? A. There is no reason why the statement of benefits you received would include any information about the deductions taken from your pay. The…

Health reform and taxes


Q: I have heard that under the new health care bill, the dollar amount of employer-provided health care premiums will be added to one’s income on one’s W-2 starting next year. Is this correct? A: Relax. That provision doesn’t go into effect until 2018. Further, it’s not entirely clear what its effect would be.

Taxes and buying back military service


Q: I bought back four years of military service last month. If I can take this off my taxes for 2009, will it show on my W-2 forms and leave and earnings statement? A: No, you can’t take it off your taxes and it won’t show up on either your W-2 or your leave and earnings statement.