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Q. I was separated (resign or be fired) from the federal government in 2007 after more than 21 years of service. Twenty of those years were under FERS and the remainder were under CSRS. I was involuntarily converted to FERS in 1987. During 2007, I was not eligible for the MRA+10 retirement, but now I meet the requirements. I understand that I am eligible for an unreduced annuity at age 60. Can I wait until age 62 to receive a higher benefit amount? Do I get any credit for contributing to CSRS for one full year? How many months before I am eligible for any type of benefits from the Office of Personnel Management? Should I apply?

A. Because you had fewer than five years of CSRS service on Dec. 31, 1986, you were required by law to be converted to FERS. As a CSRS interim employee (CSRS and Social Security), the contributions taken from your pay were the same as those under FERS.

Deferred annuities are based on the amount of annuity you would have been entitled to on the day you left government if you had met the age and service requirements. Delaying the receipt of a deferred annuity would not increase the amount by a single penny. Therefore, you should apply for your deferred annuity without delay. To do that, go to, complete the form and send it to OPM.


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