Retire from law enforcement at 48


Q. I am currently employed with the Bureau of Prisons,and in three years, I will have 20 years law enforcement time. But I will only be 48 years old. Can I just retire from the BOP in three years with total of 20 years law enforcement at age 48? I’d wait until I am 50 years old and start collecting my retirement. From age 48 – 50 I plan just to work at Wal-mart or a grocery store. I also bought back 6 years of my military.

A. No, you can’t retire at age 48 with 20 years of covered civilian law enforcement service. You’ll either have to work until you are age 50 or resign from the government and apply for a deferred annuity when you reach your minimum retirement age. If you were born in 1965, your MRA would be 56 and 2 months; if you were born in 1966, it would be 56 and 4 months. FYI: No mater what route you take, 20 years of covered service will be computed using the 1.7 percent multiplier, all other service using the standard 1 percent multiplier.


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