Minimum retirement age stipulations


Q. I got out of the Coast Guard (honorable discharge if that matters) with 14 years of active-duty service. I worked for the Transportation Security Administration for eight months before settling into a position with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, where I bought my military time back. Can I combine my military time with my federal time to meet my minimum retirement age? 

A. Your MRA varies between 55 and 57, depending on your year of birth. On the other hand, active-duty service for which you’ve made a deposit will be added to your actual service. When you have the right combination of age and service, you’ll be able to retire. Here are the age and service options: 62 with 5, 60 with 20, at your MRA with 30 or at your MRA with at least 10 but fewer than 30. In the latter case, your annuity would be reduced by 5 percent for every year you were under age 62.


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