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For employees, 2010 is a mixed year for benefits. For retirees, it’s pretty much a bust. General Schedule employees received a 2 percent pay increase, with 1.5 percent going to all employees and the remainder being distributed through locality pay. If you want to compare how you made out against employees in other areas, go to the Salaries and Wages page on the Office of Personnel Management Web site. The maximum taxable earnings for Social Security withholding stay at the 2009 level — $106,800. So, if you are a Federal Employees Retirement System or Civil Service Retirement System Offset employee,…

Q: Because I’m a retiree who isn’t receiving Social Security benefits, I didn’t get the $250 included in the Economic Stimulus tax credit package. I’ve heard that I can get it when I file my income tax for 2009. How do I do that? A: You’ll need to complete Schedule M and then enter the dollar figure you come up with on line 14 on either line 63 of form 1040, line 40 of form 1040A or line 60 of form 1040NR.

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